Venue: Ghaziabad

Photography Team: Kaushik Jay, Elvin Lonan
Video Crew: Amal Roy’s DreamWedz

Manas and me go a long back. Long before we became commercial photographers we used to ride together on motorcycles tours across the country. It’s safe to say that the time we spent on our motorcycles had its impact on our photography. It’s a little hard for me to describe the biker brotherhood and all the bonding that comes along


It’s always an honour to shoot a fellow photographer’s wedding. In this case both the bride and groom were good friends and colleagues. I always end up with big butterflies before a shoot. But here the butterflies where like buffaloes in my stomach. Not only was I shooting for a friend who understands photography, I was also making some major workflow / equipment changes. I finally rested my DSLRS and opted for smaller lighter Fuji X-Series system.


I was more a cat-on-the-wall photographer who was hanging around the groom through out the three days. This Baniya Brahmin wedding was far from regular weddings. The groom’s family were a bunch of Shayars. A qawali night where Manas performed like a pro to every other event was chilled out and memorable. Thanks Manas for having us at your wedding ! You could follow Manas’s work here. Do leave your comments on the images below !


Baniya Brahmin Wedding


Baniya Brahmin Wedding

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