The FireWorkers
Casual Toss

“Sivakasi: Who To Blame For The Frequent Fire Accidents In India’s Largest Fireworks Industry Hub?”     This was the screaming headlines which they flashed it to death on TV, the eve of the second fire accident in Sivakasi recently....

Wedding Photographer of the Year 2012
Wedding Photographer of the Year 2012 Trophy

I’ve been creating quite a bit of noise around this competition. First off, I din’t win the Wedding Photographer of the Year 2012 competition. I won a category (Couple Portraiture) out of six categories, to qualify to be in the top...

How much do I charge for Wedding Photography services?

  Oooh…the tricky question… I definitely don’t throw a random number.   A lot of clients, prospects, photographers have this nagging question always in mind when they approach me. How much will it cost or should I quote. To make...