Sindhia and Rajesh – A Dindigul Wedding

Date: 21st June 2013 Venue: Dindigul, Tamil Nadu Apart from Chennai, when I am booked to shoot weddings elsewhere in Tamil Nadu, I look forward to it. There is a rustic appeal to weddings as we go down South. Dindigul...

Nivetha & Rajesh – A Church Wedding

19 June 2013 Venue: Chennai Sometimes you end up working on a wedding where you already know the family(s). Makes it that much more fun and familiar. Nivetha and Rajesh’s wedding in Chennai is one such event. I had earlier...

I am a Photographer
Zeiss Trials

  “Personally, my #1 pain point in photography is post processing. At times, its fun to do it though. Have tons of images pending since 2009. I guess its the same with most.”   This is what a good friend...