Date: 21st June 2013
Venue: Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

Apart from Chennai, when I am booked to shoot weddings elsewhere in Tamil Nadu, I look forward to it. There is a rustic appeal to weddings as we go down South. Dindigul is in the foothills of Kodaikanal, a beautiful hill station. With the monsoons in the air, Dindigul had a very pleasant weather to shoot.

Reaching one day early, gave me the luxury of spending some time with the couple and their families. It also gave me the opportunity to sample the awesome Dindigul Velu Biriyani and other delicacies from this legendary eatery.

Rajesh, the groom, had flown in from Canada for the wedding. The day prior to the wedding, apart from the conventional “stand-on stage” reception, I took the couple out for a short session for some pictures of them around the rustic town.

Both the families where from a community called “Gowders” which had a lineage linked to the “Gowda” in Karnataka. The families where actually speaking a very watered down version of Kanada at the wedding. The wedding itself was simple, elegant and fast.

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