“Sivakasi: Who To Blame For The Frequent Fire Accidents In India’s Largest Fireworks Industry Hub?”



This was the screaming headlines which they flashed it to death on TV, the eve of the second fire accident in Sivakasi recently. Quite disturbing for someone who hails from this part of the world. From the time I remember Sivakasi was synonymous with two Industries. Printing and Fireworks. I’ve known the people from Sivakasi to be extremely hardworking, organized and entrepreneurial. As a collective the entire town rallied around these industries and got their quality levels to compete with the best in the world.

Apparently the fireworks industry started post independence. According to the numbers in the last 12 years there have been 237 people who died based on fireworks factory accident.  The Sivakasi fireworks industry has some high safety regulations and has been a cottage industry for a long time. On a rough count we are looking at close to 500 families in the least who work or depend on the income from this industry. Yes accidents do happen. Precisely the reason they are called accidents. Even if I look at 500 deaths in 12 years, it has a way more better safety record than one of the regular conventional blue collared jobs which post 20 years, if you haven’t killed yourself by then, you would be looking at a long list of medical ailments and lifestyle diseases.

A negative wave of media in the name of garnering more eyeballs, in a sweep puts about a few thousands or more mouths to starve. The only people who gain in this is the Media and the Babus who would by now  hiked their bribe by few folds geomatrically. These people want to just earn a decent living..These are our FireWorkers..Let them live !


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