Venue: Prince Auditorium,Paripally,Kerala

Ganesan, the groom hails from my parent’s native place Kovilpatti,Tamil Nadu. I did my secondary school completion and my under-graduation in Kovilpatti. It’s a place where everyone knows everyone. I had never shot either a wedding in Kovilpatti or a wedding of someone who hails from Kovilpatti.

Tamil Wedding in Kerala

In our earlier conversation, Ganesan did mention that the wedding would be held in Paripally,Kerala where Divya was based out off. Though the wedding was happening in Kerala, for me this was a Kovilpatti Wedding in Kerala and more importantly a Kovilpatti Wedding.


Humidity is always a concern when shooting in Kerala. Throw in our friendly conventional photo/video crew, who shall accentuate the humidity with their halogen lights,the event becomes a physical challenge both for the couple and for me. I intended to keep the heat element in the images wherever possible.


Kerala Weddings are notorious for being super fast and I was told the pandit would conduct the wedding in more a Tamil style. But still this wedding wrapped up in record time ! Do have a look at the images and let me know what you think !!


To make up for the Kovilpatti Wedding in Kerala, I have a dedicated outdoor shoot planned with the couple in Kovilpatti in another few days. I shall update those images soon. Keep watching this space !

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