Anastasia and Srikant – Russian Bihari Wedding

Venue: Stone Water Eco Resort, Bambolim, Goa A Russian Bihari Wedding..Well, I din’t think about it that way when I started talking to the bride first.   Anastasia got in touch with me quite a while back. The email was...

Padmapriya Wedding
Padmapriya and Jasmine

Venue: Mumbai Based on a reference from a common friend, Padmapriya and Jasmine got in touch with me to document their wedding day. It dint strike me immediately that Padmapriya was an established South Indian actress who had done a fair...

Anu and Ben – Wedding in Thoothukudi
Wedding in Thoothukudi

Venue: Thoothukudi Video Crew: Karthikeyan When I got this enquiry, it was quite interesting. A British boy getting married to a Tamil girl in a wedding in Thoothukudi. But as the shoot progressed, the interesting quotient kept rising.   The...