Mahesh and Saranya had got in touch with me a few months back and immediately I was very interested in this assignment. Small town weddings has an unique charm and a tamil village wedding makes it even more rustic and real !

 A Tamil Village Wedding

Though an arranged marriage, Saranya and Mahesh had known each other for a bit. Saranya spent nearly all her formative years in Aarakulam and Mahesh comes from Kidathuraipudur. Both are villages near Palladam.  Coming from an area known for their cotton power looms, these two had moved out of their villages to follow their dreams. Mahesh pursues his career in metallurgy in Bristol and Saranya is an IT professional from Chennai.

A Tamil Village Wedding

A day before their wedding, I got to do a set of portraits of Saranya and Mahesh around the villages they grew up in. Do have a look at those images here.

A Tamil Village Wedding This temple wedding was held at Malaikoil temple near Mahesh’s Village. Their wedding day was an extremely auspicious day, and they were second of the seven weddings happening in the same temple on that day. Do have a look at the images below and would appreciate your comments !

Saranya-004 Saranya-018 Saranya-016 Saranya-015 Saranya-014 Saranya-013 Saranya-012 Saranya-011 Saranya-010 Saranya-009 Saranya-008 Saranya-007 Saranya-006 Saranya-005