Venue: Thoothukudi

Video Crew: Karthikeyan

When I got this enquiry, it was quite interesting. A British boy getting married to a Tamil girl in a wedding in Thoothukudi. But as the shoot progressed, the interesting quotient kept rising.


The groom, Ben Dobson is a professional poker player. I don’t dint know you can play poker for a living. And he was getting married to Anu, a practising Ophthalmologist in UK. Ben and Anu had come down to Thoothukudi with their parents and friends from the UK. Anu had a fairly huge bunch of family and friends based out of Thoothukudi and other parts of Tamil Nadu.


At one end the bride’s side of the family was a complete sport and on the other end the groom’s side of family was eager to experience an Indian Wedding. With this general air of fun and extreme planning, this wedding defied the local trend of being a chaos-free fun fiilled wedding in Thoothukudi.


A special mention to Anu’s dad, Karthi for being an amazing host ! Enjoy the images below and leave your comments !


Anu Ben-021

Anu Ben-033 Anu Ben-091 Anu Ben-121 Anu Ben-160 Anu Ben-212 Anu Ben-252 Anu Ben-257 Anu Ben-282 Anu Ben-300 Anu Ben-361 Anu Ben-421 Anu Ben-446 Anu Ben-466 Anu Ben-500 Anu Ben-551Anu Ben-008