Oooh…the tricky question… I definitely don’t throw a random number.


A lot of clients, prospects, photographers have this nagging question always in mind when they approach me. How much will it cost or should I quote. To make life easier, I decided its easier to blog about it.


Personally I feel that the requirements and needs for each wedding is different and unique. Atleast if you are a wedding photographer in India, a set rate card might not be the best way to go forward. My packages start from 8 hours (1 day shoot) and go up to 5-6 days shoot with the option of choosing 1 or 2 lead photographers. Prospects also get to choose traditional photographers for group photos, HD video and the more creative and contemporary wedding cinematography. I also offer various kinds of Photo book options for the weddings that I shoot.


My basic photography package starts from Rs.60,000 and goes up to Rs.2,75,000/- for 2.5 days of photography alone. For big weddings I end up creating customized packages after discussing the details of the wedding with the prospective clients. The keyword here is “Details”. More the details more accurate it is to price a wedding.


The typical enquiry we (wedding photographers) get is like this

“Wedding date – XYZ 2014
Venue – raja muthiah hall , egmore
Single day – morning wedding & evening reception
Requirement – photo and video”


Based on the above enquiry, I will make my assumptions,


  1. Raja Muthiah hall in Egmore is a prime wedding venue for big weddings.
  2. When I say big, I mean that you are expecting at least 1500 people for at least one of the events
  3. You will need end-to-end coverage and an exclusive creative output both in photography and videography.
  4. The Wedding Reception is the conventional where large volume of “people-stand-in-queue” to wish the couple on stage.


The Various elements in costing that I would quote the prospect and what it contains is below..


A Lifestyle shoot


A personal shoot with the couple in a location of their choice. I normally encourage couples to go with this session. An exclusive time with the camera to capture just the couple. A private portrait session well before or well after the wedding. Away from the stress and bustle before/after a wedding.

  • 3-4 hour session well before the wedding or well after the wedding.
  • Photography by yours truly
  • Lighted and assisted by another photographer


Cost: Rs.60,000/- (not inclusive of travel if done à la carte)


Wedding Photography Session (4-6 hours)


I will be available from the time the bride starts to get ready for the wedding till the wedding comes to a conclusion.

  • Photography by yours truly
  • Lighted and assisted by another photographer
  • 2 Traditional Photographers for coverage


Cost: Rs.1,40,000/- (Inclusive of travel and accommodation)


Reception Session (4-6 hours)


Assuming that the reception is going to be the standard fare, The photography is going to be largely focussed on the traditional group images along with a few candid images

  • 2-3 Traditional Photographers for coverage
  • I’ll be shooting very little at the reception


Cost: Rs.40,000/- (Inclusive of travel and accommodation)




  • 250-350 Edited, Print ready , creative/candid images shot by me (Delivered via Dropbox/Pendrive/DVD etal )
  • All edited print ready images from the Coverage photographer
  • Fair usage rights (Copyrights are retained by me)
  • Books (Costed separately)
  • RAW image dump will not be shared


More on the Books


My preferred vendor for my Photobooks is Canvera. I have been working with them for a while now. When I deliver books, I deliver two distinct audiences. The family, which would appreciate more traditional images from the reception and wedding and the couple who would prefer a more personal book with a lot lesser image count (100 images max). I work very closely with both Canvera and external designers  for my album designing needs. All books comes with a complimentary online version of the photobook for a period of 5 years thanks to Canvera.


Books I would normally deliver and costs


  • One Premium Flush Mount Album 12″x15″ 80 page book (for the Couple)
  • Two Premium Photobook 12″x15″ 100 page book (for the families)


Cost: Rs.80,000/- (Inclusive of 2 edits and domestic shipping costs)


Video Costs and deliverables

  • 12 hour coverage – 3 Creative Movie Crew
  • Traditional Video for reception
  • Highlight reel – 3-5 minutes long
  • Short wedding video – 20 minute
  • Wedding – Long edit – 60-90 minutes
  • All deliverables are professionally produced and edited.
  • Traditional long edited Video output of the Reception

Cost: Rs.1,60,000/- (Inclusive of travel and accommodation)


*Traditional Video for Reception

  • 3 Videographers
  • 1 Video mixing unit
  • 4-5 LCD panels


Will I work along with other photography/video crew ?

Read about dealing with multiple crew at weddings in this well articulated article by Andrew Adams. I wouldn’t mind at all, provided you agree and take that the risks involved in multiple crews will lead to situation like in this image